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S D G X , L T D .

SDGX, Ltd. is a music production company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. It was created by the in-house lead composer S.D.Gabor.

The company provides original music scores for Film, TV, Games, and other multi-media productions. In addition to delivering original compositions, other music services include orchestration, arrangement, transcription and notation, remixing, and any other customized services - as needed.

The founding vision for the company is to harness the power of Music to be a Light in the dark; and to raise awareness, and change the culture about Mental Health. To take on this challenge, the SDGX Pledge was set-up. Based on the client's choice, the Pledge promises to donate 10% of the composer's service fees to the One More Light Fund, Music for Relief, or Give an Hour (Campaign to Change Direction).

And finally, SDGX, Ltd. is proud to present its flagship project Celestial City. This is a purposeful music venture, which involves an allegorical exploration of the central themes found in each book of the Bible -- from Genesis to Revelation.

Celestial City utilizes hybrid sounds from classical and electronic genres in unpredictable formats and introduces orchestral and electronic music to new audience. Through collaborations with new up-and-coming artists in art and design technology, Celestial City aims to deliver a sonic and visual odyssey. Ultimately, Celestial City is designed to challenge and inspire its listener.

Music for Celestial City is provided by S.D.Gabor. The debut album -- GENESIS -- is planned for release worldwide on 09.28.2018.


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