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What is Celestial City?

August 27, 2018


The idea was born nearly a decade ago. I wasn't even actively pursuing Music then. But, Music always played the second fiddle, and its melodies gnawed away at me to respond to its call.


Out of fear, and a lack of faith, I ignored it for years. Raged against it. Hated it. Regretted it. Hurt it. And abandoned pursuits.


Yet, in my darkest nights, I found myself returning to it -- often with shame, with pain. Music provided the only solace. It was the only thing that was familiar to me. It was home. It was the hand on the shoulder saying, "Be still".


If I didn't know what love was, Music drenched me with it -- unconditionally.    


Music is where I found God reside.


The many grueling years of tension just to reconcile with the call, proved to be the pressure to break open my former self, and resurrect something new.


So what is Celestial City? It is where, and what you find your refuge in. It is the perilous journey to answer that call or purpose in your life. It is a state of mind, a state of being. It is where your identity is secured.


Celestial City is that shining city on the hill. A city for the Leviathan, and for the Lamb.


Quell the storm, and ride the thunder!




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