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S. D. Gabor is a music composer, and arranger; and creates original scores in a variety of genres for use in Film, Television, Games, Commercials, Documentaries, Advertising, and other multi-media productions.

S. D. Gabor was born and raised in Kuwait. He began his musical journey at The Royal College of Music (partnered via The British Council of Kuwait). He still continues to work on his craftsmanship by  pursuing a second degree in Music Production, Film Scoring, and Sound Design through Berklee College of Music (and Berklee Online).

S. D. Gabor enjoys designing new sounds and incorporating them into his Music, through orchestration, and arrangement. The art of fusion is central to his work. His philosophy in Music is that his compositions must always tell a story, and induce a cathartic experience in his audience. The Music must move, encourage, and inspire people. The Music compositions are a clear reflection of S. D. Gabor, and it springs from a place of truth and honesty.



S.D. Gabor strongly believes in harnessing the power of Music to shed awareness to the plight of the oppressed, raise awareness on Mental Health, and to be a Light in the dark.

S. D. Gabor's passion to advocate for human rights issues originated from witnessing the two Gulf wars first-hand, and learning about the atrocities committed under authoritarian regimes. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Oral Roberts University (Tulsa, Oklahoma, US) in 2009, and writing several research editorials for Current Affairs publications, S. D. Gabor realized soon after he would have to use his creativity and talents in Music to pursue the passions that are close to his heart to bring about the change he desired to see in this world.

As a result, the SDGX Pledge  was set up, which promises 10% (X) of all of S. D. Gabor's (SDG) service fees to be donated either to the One More Light Fund / Music for Relief,  Given an Hour (Campaign to Change Direction), or to a charity of your choice.



S. D. Gabor is currently accepting new projects, and collaborations. For inquiries, kindly send your email to music@sdgabor.com; or use the Contact Form below.

+1 (918) 900-7594